Brand Identity Design.


Adegen, pronounced /ad•ah•gin/, is an abstract name inspired by the anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair cycle. Adegen’s root etymology come together to mean ‘adding—growth’.

Adegen team consists of over 50+ of the most brilliant minds in medicine, research, pharmacy, chemistry, and manufacturing from all around the world. Their company is 100% self-funded with $0 of accepted investment money or venture capital and it means that Adegen can 100% focus on results for customers rather than pleasing shareholders.

Adegen logo
Adegen inspiration

Symbol inspiration

We approached to task of reinventing Adegen logo with 3 main aspects that we wanted to integrate during logo creation process. Those aspects are science which inspired us to use hexagon as main shape related to science but also nature, follicles of hair which we depict by dot pattern, and growth progress which we evoked with different sizes of dots gradually increasing from bottom left to top right.

Adegen logotype

In addition to symbol we reworked Adegen logotype. We started with clean sans serif font which reflect simplicity and modern approach while we keep it legible and clean to emphasize professional feel, instilling confidence and
trust in the company.

We further customized each letter with small radius on all points giving it softer look to match roundness of symbol we created. Kerning was reworked to optimize legibility in smaller sizes as well in all other variations of logo usage.

Logotype Adegen construction
Adegen envelope

Couldn't be more pleased or impressed with Sevarika. We have worked with a lot of graphic designers and I can confidently say Dusan is one of the best! He took our vision and created a true masterpiece! Thank you very much for your genius and brilliant work!!!

John GossFounder & Ceo at Adegen