Brand Identity Design.

Theisinger Group

Theisinger Group is a technology consulting firm providing services focused on architecture and strategy with deep expertise in data, analytics and platform design and development.

We were commissioned to create logo and comprehensive brand guide outlining logo usage, colors, typography and visual style. Numerous directions was explored and in the end we settled for this unique polygon play on monogram that instill technology look and feel while keeping it professional with interesting vibrant color palette providing unlimited pattern schemes.

Theisinger logo

Inspiration Diagram

Keywords: perspective, dimensional, technology, polygons, speech bubble, data, integration, consulting, communication, information, analytics

Inspiration Diagram

(01) Establishing dual perspective and isometric view of the letter T
(02) Combining it into one unified symbol
(03) Exploring speech bubble and data block integration within symbol
(04) Including letter G into the symbol as well
(05) Adding colors to evoke depth and provide visual interest
(06) Final Theisinger Group logo symbol

Theisinger Flag pattern


We used geometric polygons from Theisinger symbol as foundational graphic for all visuals throughout Theisinger Group identity. It echoes the structure the logo creating visually interesting forms that capture the essence the brand. 

We used those elements randomly placed creating interesting colorful geometric forms and patterns that serve the purpose to guide content of all Theisinger Group communications reinforcing its brand image. 

This is the second project working with Sevarika and it was a major success. I am continually impressed with how the essence of the logo and the brand shone through in the results. The creativity and attention to detail really ensures the work embodies the business.

William TheisingerPresident at Theisinger Group