Brand Identity Design.


Airmesh started with a vision to create an ecosystem around mobile internet.

Over years it has transformed and today it have become a company that’s building an ecosystem for connected life; ecosystem enabled by autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and futuristic Internet Infrastructure. The company incubates and invests in different ideas within its focus domain to build them as successful standalone businesses.

Airmesh previous logo that served them in early stage, has become obsolete and did not reflect what Airmesh has became so naturally complete overhaul was needed.

Our solution.

Logo reimagined.

While working on this identity we had their slogan,”Unfolding new possibilities”, as main source of inspiration. We created AM monogram that evokes tech, moving forward, wave, unfold, layers which all resonate to their vision and mission.

During this project we have created elaborate set of pattern and graphic elements to be used across identity and media reflecting logo, further reinforcing brand image.

Airmesh Envelopes
Airmesh negative logo

It’s always great working with Dusan. He is relentless in his efforts to deliver excellence. Awesome design, really professional and communicative. He truly is a perfectionist.

Vikram GuptaFounder and Ceo of Airmesh Ltd